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Box Office Weekend: Being “Crood” Not a Bad Thing

The CroodsOz the Great and Powerful finally met its match in not one, but two films released this weekend. The Croods got off to a rousing start with an estimated $44 million, proving itself a winner among audiences and critics. Olympus Has Fallen got mixed critical response, but with an estimated $30.5 million the so-called “Die Hard in the White House” had a better reception than the fifth Die Hard film, and in one weekend made back nearly half its budget costs. Oz the Great and Powerful had to settle for a “measly” estimated $22 million; though with $177.5 million in domestic sales in three weeks, it is not hurting for support, especially with its similar success in the international market.

The Call held up for a second week of excellence, earning an estimated $8.7 million and $30.9 million overall, the Halle Berry thriller making over twice its $13 million production costs. Admission, which also cost $13 million to make, had a less auspicious debut, as it made only an estimated $6.4 million…still likely to break even, but the Tina Fey/Paul Rudd comedy is unlikely to make too many waves, receiving little attention from critics as well.

Spring Breakers came out last week, but in only a handful of selected theaters…and its wide release this week turned out to be a boon. Costing only $2 million to make, its estimated $5 million put it well into the black, and its mostly positive reviews are not hurting, either. On a relative scale, this puts it on better footing than The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (estimated $4.3 million), which plummeted in revenue and remains a box office disappointment (but to be fair, still has a slim chance to avoid bomb status), though Jack the Giant Slayer’s year-long delay proved too long a wait, as it has clearly fallen short of expectations, its estimated $3 million this week and $59.1 million in domestic earnings well below its $195 million costs (with foreign box office not enough to make much of a dent).

Finally, Identity Thief and Snitch occupy the bottom slots, though both films have managed to make good despite middling to poor reviews, with Identity Thief’s estimated $2.5 million making it over $127.7 million domestically, and Snitch’s estimated $1.9 million and $40.3 million domestic totals, while perhaps not as impressive, are still strong enough to make the $15 million thriller a success on its own terms.

Weekend Box Office (March 22nd – March 24th)

  1. The Croods…$44 million
  2. Olympus Has Fallen…$30.5 million
  3. Oz the Great and Powerful…$22 million
  4. The Call…$8.7 million
  5. Admission…$6.4 million
  6. Spring Breakers…$5 million
  7. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone…$4.3 million
  8. Jack the Giant Slayer…$3 million
  9. Identity Thief…$2.5 million
  10. Snitch…$1.9 million

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Seth Paul

Seth Paul

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