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Four of the Funniest Star Trek Film Lines

One of the greatest things about Star Trek has always been its humor. The ability to never take itself too seriously yet still convey a serious message at times is one of the reasons fans are so drawn to it. The various Star Trek films have been ripe with quotes that fans have repeated ad nauseam to anyone within earshot. While an authoritative list of all of these would more than likely number in the thousands, I wanted to acknowledge just a couple of my favorites. So, here are four of the funniest pre-J.J. Abrams Star Trek film lines (not the best mind you, just my favorites) recreated as cartoons (well, sort of). Let me know the ones I’ve overlooked as I’m sure there are plenty. Special thanks to John Boissy for creating the images for this post.


4. “Don’t call me tiny!” from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Star Trek: The Search for SpockThis line from Sulu cracks me up every time I hear it. While it’s not the cleverest line George Takei has ever delivered in his role as Sulu, nor is it even the best part of The Search for Spock, there’s a certain humor and style that is captured here that feels right at home in the Star Trek universe and captures the essence of the show.

3. “Sh*t!” from Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek: GenerationsOkay, so maybe this line is more “silly” than “clever.” As in, “Oh look, the android swore. Isn’t that funny?” But, sometimes goofy works and that’s what it does here. While Generations is a rather plodding and uninspired film overall, the piece is granted a moment of humor that, unlike other “Data grapples with his emotions” moments doesn’t feel quite as strained and comes across as rather genuine.

2. “Assimilate this!” from Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First ContactIt’s a great twist on a classic insult (even if it’s a bit dated now). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Worf delivers the line as he’s always been the ultimate Trek bad ass. The line is also one of the more successful Star Trek movie lines in delivering the cathartic sentiment of the audience.

1. “Double dumb ass on you!” from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek: The Voyage HomeThis is one of the funniest lines from what is arguably the funniest Star Trek movie produced (to date anyway). It just goes to show that when someone you’ve never heard swear before does so, it can be pretty damn funny. It also makes you think about how much you may swear in your own everyday life.

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